PAT Cast #15: 2023 Outlook Part II - How are real assets adapting to the permacrisis?

21 / 07 / 23 - 1 minute read

2023 has been another year defined by global challenges. But as we head past the halfway point in the calendar, just how is the real assets sector adapting to the global permacrisis?

In the first PAT Cast of 2023, we examined some of the key trends and themes that would shape the global investment landscape over the next 12 months. And now, at the halfway point of the year, we take stock of the past 6 months and discuss how the market may continue to unfold in the second half of the year.

In this episode we discuss how the current economic environment compares to the GFC, what the market needs to bounce back, as well as which sectors will offer the brightest spots for investors.

Leading the discussion is Radu Mircea, Director - Investment Strategy & Research, PATRIZIA

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