First Foundation Talk: New PATRIZIA House in Bhutan for Children in need

PATRIZIA Children Foundation has helped more than 200,000 children worldwide since 1999.

  • New partnership with RENEW Foundation founded by Bhutan’s Queen Mother Her Majesty Sangay Choden Wangchuck
  • Dr Auma Obama’s Sauti Kuu Foundation becomes partner for the new PATRIZIA KinderHouse in Kenya: “Powerful Voices For Our Future Generation”
  • Foundations from three continents come together at the Foundation Talk in Frankfurt


Tandin Wangmo (CEO of Renew Foundation), Dr Auma Obama (Founder of Sauti Kuu Foundation), Wolfgang Egger (Founder of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG and PATRIZIA Children Foundation)

Frankfurt, 13 September 2018. At its first Foundation Talk, the PATRIZIA Children Foundation has signed a memorandum of understanding for the construction of a new “Happy Home” in Bhutan with the RENEW Foundation. RENEW, established in 2004 by the Queen Mother of Bhutan, Her Majesty Sangay Choden Wangchuck, provides safe havens for children and women who are survivors or at risk of domestic violence and is the first and only institution of its kind in Bhutan. With the addition of this project in the Himalayan state of Bhutan, the PATRIZIA Children Foundation will provide almost 20 institutions across the world, where since 1999, more than 200,000 children have found help. 

Dr Auma Obama, founder of the Sauti Kuu Foundation  participated in the panel discussion at the inaugural Foundation Talk with Wolfgang Egger and Her Majesty Queen Mother Wangchuck. Together they explored what distinguishes successful support for disadvantaged children and youths in Africa, Asia and Europe. Dr Obama is the sister of former US President Barack Obama. The Foundation Talk was hosted exclusively for the sponsors of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation.

“We want to support children and young people worldwide with education on their way to a self-determined life”, says Wolfgang Egger, founder of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation and CEO of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG. “We are proud to have found, in Sauti Kuu in Kenya and RENEW in Bhutan, partners that share our philosophy and ambition to create sustainable projects through a great deal of local expertise. The costs of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation are fully borne by PATRIZIA Immobilien AG with 100 percent of all donations going to the selected projects.”

RENEW advocates for women’s and children’s rights
“Foundations from three continents came together for the Foundation Talk in Frankfurt  creating a common spirit that will fuel our new project,” declares Her Majesty Queen Mother Wangchuck. “We know how important our charitable work is for Bhutan and what a positive influence it has on society. We are delighted to have found a renowned partner for our new project in the PATRIZIA Children Foundation.” With the help of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation, RENEW will build a new “Happy Home” in Bhutan. It will provide protection for children and women who are survivors of domestic violence and gender based violence. The first such RENEW house was built in 2013 with the help of the Government of India. Every year as many as 200 people in need of protection receive help at RENEW facilities. The NGO promotes gender equality and the rights of women and children in the Himalayan state and builds awareness for the social causes of domestic violence.

Successful project in Kenya: Inauguration attended by Barack Obama
“Children need a powerful voice,” explains Auma Obama in the panel discussion. “We want to support children’s personal development and give them the self-confidence and skills they need to lead their own lives.” On 16 July, the PATRIZIA Children Foundation’s 16th project opened in Kenya, established in cooperation with Dr Auma Obama and her foundation, the Sauti Kuu Foundation. The foundation supports projects for the personal development of young people in Kenya and Germany. In the newly opened training centre near Lake Victoria children and young people can find a wide range of training courses, for example in the craft trades and agribusiness at the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Alego, as well as a computer lab, a library, accommodation, and sports facilities. More than 1,000 guests, including government representatives from Kenya, joined former US President Barack Obama, who officially opened the centre in mid-July. “We hold the PATRIZIA Children Foundation in high regard, as we share the same philosophy in the advancement of children. To this end, the foundation pursues an approach of partnership with local organisations, which leads to projects with lasting impact”, says Auma Obama.


About the PATRIZIA Children Foundation
The PATRIZIA Children Foundation was established in 1999 by Wolfgang Egger, CEO of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG. The declared mission of the foundation is to create living spaces for needy children and youths all over the world by building houses and homes for children. The focus is always on constructing a new building, extension or conversion that is tailored precisely to the respective requirements. In the 19 years of the foundation’s work, 16 projects have already been started worldwide. True to its slogan ‘Building the future together,’ the foundation provides social, medical, and educational support. Each project is geared towards helping young people to help themselves. Apart from the donation from the PATRIZIA Immobilien AG, who bears all administrative costs, 100% of every euro donated goes exclusively to fund the projects.

RENEW (Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women) was founded in 2004 by Her Majesty Queen Mother Sangay Choden Wangchuck with the aim of supporting women and children in Bhutan who are the sruvivors of Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence. RENEW is the first and only organisation of its kind in Bhutan and is concerned, among other things, with better understanding the circumstances of domestic violence and gender inequality across all the social classes. With its many initiatives, RENEW offers protection and support to women, men and children who have experienced such violence and injustice.

About Sauti Kuu
The aim of the Auma Obama Foundation Sauti Kuu is to give disadvantaged children and youth worldwide perspectives for an independent life. The foundation helps children and youth from socially disadvantaged families, especially in rural areas and urban slums, to recognise the strength of their own voice and their own potential. The objective is to support young people to use their newfound strength and self-confidence to find ways to use locally available resources to improve their lives, while also making a positive contribution to the development of their community. It is particularly important to Sauti Kuu to convey to the young people that they are not victims, and that they can take their future into their own hands.

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