Ambitious ESG project will save €10.5 million for PATRIZIA tenants

The next stage in the project to optimise the measurement and billing services of PATRIZIA will deliver significant savings to tenants in Germany.

AT the end of October, a contract was signed that will reduce the number of heating and water service providers to PATRIZIA from 36 down to two: ISTA for residential and TECHEM for commercial. This is the third stage in a multi-year smart building project that first saw smart metres installed in buildings managed by PATRIZIA and then the data generated by those metres available for analysis.

By bundling the contracts, PATRIZIA will be reducing the prices paid by residential tenants from an average price of €112 per year to €60, slashing €7.7 million from the costs of the more than 800 buildings in the PATRIZIA portfolio. For commercial clients, the reduction will be from €6,800 per property to €5,250 – a total savings of €2.9 million. The rollout  is expected to take three years as all metres for gas and water are upgraded.

“When the project is finalised, we will have a solution that can be simply and visually used to gain an overview of our complete carbon footprint, and to identify problems,” explains Jörg Müller. “It will also ensure that PATRIZIA is using state-of-the-art technology and have a solution that can be rolled out European wide.”

For more details, contact Jörg Müller (Joerg.Mueller(at)