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The real estate market is constantly changing. For an assessment of the future, it is important to know and understand the current market conditions. In our research publications, we regularly provide you with systematic analyses and forecasts regarding the European real estate markets. Whether residential or commercial: Our research team determines how demographic, political and economic developments may have an influence on investment strategies and global investment flows. The evaluation of long-term data helps us to create market insights. This enables you to make sound investment decisions. Find out more about our strategy recommendations. For further information, do not hesitate to contact our research team.

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At PATRIZIA, we pride ourselves on forward thinking, on responsible investment, and acting sustainably. These attributes allow us to deliver long-term, sustainable value that continues to grow, for all our stakeholders, clients, and communities.

What’s more, thanks to our understanding of the megatrends shaping all of our lives, we’re able to create future-proof, thoughtful, and performance-driven investment strategies. Each with a continued focus on the Living Sectors and Logistics, which have proven to be both resilient and attractive investment opportunities.

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Where to invest? – A long term equilibrium analysis from a core perspective

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