During almost two decades, PATRIZIA Global Partners (PGP) has invested in real estate assets through local operating partners across the globe.

The solutions will be client-centric and typically be in the form of bespoke mandates or pooled vehicles. PGP’s experience across multiple cycles, strategies, markets and sectors provides unique market intelligence on both a macro and micro level. Furthermore, PGP’s vast network of the best local specialists coupled with PGP’s structuring expertise across joint ventures, co-investments and pooled strategies give clients access to a wide range of investment opportunities at attractive terms and with strong governance and control rights.

Real estate debt investments


PGP launched in 2021 a mandate dedicated to real estate debt investments across Europe and APAC

"In a world of low interest rates, long-term investors such as insurers and pension funds are increasingly looking at alternative strategies in private markets to secure higher returns. That is why there is currently a growing appetite for private debt and such investment products,” says Marko Multas, Head of Asia, PGP and fund manager of the new product. “We believe that real estate debt will offer attractive opportunities for new and existing clients."

Many traditional lenders like banks have retreated from our target markets, opening up an opportunity for us to provide our clients with access to very attractive yields and diversification. It therefore makes a lot of sense for us to offer real estate debt opportunities for our clients.

Pooled vehicles

PGP manages several pooled vehicles mostly within value-add strategies, targeting the mid-market segments across North America, Asia and Europe.

"Investments are made with carefully sourced and selected operating partners in each market. To serve our clients best we believe in teaming up with local experts who are specialists within a defined domain,” says Kresten Dahl Juelner, Head of Americas and Chairman of the Investment Committee at PGP. “Each investor benefits from PGP’s unique industry network, market knowledge, structuring expertise and achieves a diversified exposure to global growth markets made through a combination of joint ventures, co-investments and pooled structures.” 

Impact investing

PGP has recently launched PATRIZIA's first impact investing vehicle, which is a social impact strategy creating affordable homes and other social infrastructure in underserved communities in European cities.

Closely reports on progress in alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and other impact targets. Ultimately, this is a dual return strategy: The aim is to deliver both an attractive financial risk-adjusted return and measurable sustained environmental & social impact.

“To run cities efficiently and sustainably, people from all ages and across the income spectrum need to be able to find a place to live, work and access leisure, education and health care services within a reasonable time,” says Marleen Bikker-Bekkers, Head of Europe at PGP and Fund Manager of this new initiative. “We will develop and reposition residential assets in European cities where they are most in need and more than 80 million people are overburdened by their housing costs.”


We offer a powerful and unique blend of expertise that is as broad as it is deep, which is why a variety of investors turn to PATRIZIA as an independent real estate investment manager.

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