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At PATRIZIA we believe performance is driven by innovative minds. We aim always to be ahead and to deliver a positive impact. This is the foundation of our operational excellence in which our stakeholders trust. We are determined to be the industry benchmark.

PATRIZIA – Building Communities & Sustainable Futures

Real assets investments – truly global and local

International expertise underpinned by detailed on-the-ground knowledge

As a 100% independent investment manager with a strong focus on real assets, we offer a powerful and unique blend of expertise that is as broad as it is deep. As well as understanding and answering the specialist needs of our institutional clients – many of whom have been returning to PATRIZIA as a provider and fiduciary for over three decades – we also support private investors, including clients entirely new to real asset investments.


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*According to leading industry ranking by Institutional Real Estate Investment (September 2020)

** Professionals in full-time equivalent (FTE)

Why PATRIZIA? - A rich heritage combining creativeness with bold ambitions:



Broad in scope, with a detailed understanding of real assets

Our expertise as a specialist in assets under management covers the entire spectrum of investments, from core to development with in-house professionals on the ground.


Reliable recommendations based on thorough research

As well as looking at all investment scenarios from a top-down perspective, by drawing on big data and analysing all key factors past, present and future, we also think in practical and pragmatic terms. So we even gain local knowledge by walking the streets and exploring every influence on a micro level.


Future outcomes based on sustainable scenarios

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations fully embedded in our investment process, from sourcing options to underwriting, management approvals and all reporting on assets, vehicles and the business as a whole.


Entrepreneurial DNA underpinned by rock-solid balance sheet

Our culture, ownership structure and capital base enable us to provide reliable investments but also recognise and embrace trends early. Even before a technology or real estate innovation emerges, we have our finger on the pulse.


Transparency, openness and 100% alignment with our partners

Over 39 years of fiduciary investment experience in combination with a detailed understanding of (and compliance with) international professional standards.


Assets under Management

The sectors we invest in

While we manage assets across all real estate sectors and infrastructure our DNA is in the living and working sectors. Collectively, they account for the majority of assets under management.

The regions we invest in

A good two-thirds of PATRIZIA’s assets under management are located in central Europe, especially the German-speaking countries, with single-digit percentages in neighbouring regions.

The risk style we have

As in the past, the main focus of PATRIZIA’s assets under management lies in core investments, followed by a roughly equal share of core plus and value add assets.

Investment Strategy

Whether your approach to real estate investments is based on private, semi-professional, retail or institutional motivations, we match investments to your strategies.

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Media Library

The PATRIZIA media library offers detailed insights into the European and global developments that shape our industry in a variety of videos created by our experts.

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PATRIZIA offers you access to more than 1000 professionals in 28 offices.


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