12th PATRIZIA Investment Horizons Summit

17 November 2022

For the first time, we’re simultaneously hosting live events in London and Frankfurt, with digital connections to the world.

Our prime investor event brings together leaders from across the real asset industry to share innovative ideas, insights and proposals to build the future of smart, liveable cities.

‘NEXT NOW for Cities and Communities’ will focus on infrastructure innovation and real estate investment intelligence to unlock tomorrow’s value through advanced, sustainable living solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s smart cities.

Combined Shape

By 2050 the global population is set to reach 9.9 billion, with more than 70% of humanity then expected to be living in cities, attracted by the employment, education and social opportunities they offer. This will place immense pressure on cities, resources, services and the environment.

To ensure cities continue to be vibrant hubs offering exceptional living standards will require hard thinking and a dedicated focus on revitalising the urban landscape through innovative approaches to residential real estate and infrastructure. This November, PATRIZIA will bring together international leaders from across the real asset industry for the 12th Investment Horizons event in London and Frankfurt. Committed to sustainability, PATRIZIA is dedicated to investing in progress, creating better assets, better workplaces and better communities. This year's theme of 'Next Now' will showcase how we can all make an impact across the spectrum of real assets investments in terms of risk-adjusted returns and impact creation.

“Our challenge is not to build smart new cities from the ground up but to smarten up existing cities and continuously improve the places where most of the humanity will live in the future and shape them for the generations to come.”

- Mahdi Mokrane, Head of Investment Strategy and Research

Over the past 11 years, PATRIZIA Investment Horizons has been a catalyst for advanced innovation and powerful collaborations. In the current climate of fast-paced transformation and the new one-day format across two leading European cities, this is expected to continue. With expert-led panels and workshops, attendees in London and Frankfurt will experience a combination of face-to-face sessions and seamlessly streamed live presentations. The rest of the world will also be invited to experience the event digitally.


7 reasons not to miss this summit:

  • Be part of the change that’s shaping smart, liveable cities of the future
  • Gain insight into impact investing and its tangible benefits
  • Network and share ideas with leading industry investors
  • Discover more about the Future of Cities and Redefining the Smart-Everything Paradigm
  • Get involved in the affordability vs affordable housing debate
  • Embrace the ‘Real estate journey to Net Zero’ with practical examples and a trends trajectory
  • Walk away with a fresh perspective on smart and sustainable infrastructure

Thursday, 17 November 2022

08:30 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:15

Welcome by Wolfgang Egger, CEO of PATRIZIA

09:15 - 10:05

Positive impact at the heart of post-pandemic recovery

10:05 - 10:55

Smartening cities

10:55 - 11:25

1st Coffee break

11:25 - 12:05

Future of citie

12:05 - 12:45

Networking lunch


Affordability of housing vs affordable housing

13:35 - 14:35

Real estate journey to Net Zero

14:35 - 15:00

2nd Coffee break         

15:00 - 15:40

Smart infrastructure powered by digital connectivity

15:40 - 15:45

Closing remarks

Check back for the complete list of speakers coming soon.

Live Events

17  November 2022 – London and Frankfurt

For the first time, PATRIZIA Investment Horizons will be hosted simultaneously across two of Europe’s leading cities.

Due to increasing demand, in-person attendance in London and Frankfurt will be by personal invitation only. ‘Save the Date’ communication is scheduled to be sent via email at the end of June, with formal invites following later in July. 

If you donot receive an invite and you’re a client of PATRIZIA or considering investing with us, please email the team at investment-horizons(at)patrizia.ag for further information on securing a place.


Experience seamless live digital streaming of the entire event.

PATRIZIA is committed to making a positive impact on a global basis. We are inviting our international audience to experience the entire one-day conference online, with opportunities to participate in live Q&A sessions.

To request access to the live streaming platform, please register your interest here, and the PATRIZIA team will get in touch.


Hosted live from the Eberbach Monastery in the Rheingau Region and Percuma Botanical in Eppstein, in-person attendees and a global digital audience experienced a line-up of leading speakers and panel discussions under the theme of Better. Future. Rethink.

Some of the highlights

Trendwatcher and Futurist Richard van Hooijdonk took attendees into an inspiring future that will dramatically change the way we live, work and do business. Sharing his international research, Richard spoke of robotics and drones, through to self-driving systems, neurotech and 3D and 4D printing capabilities.

Critically acclaimed Engineer and Architect Professor Werner Sobek shared his visionary and far-reaching Concrete 2.0 solution that involves reducing the volume, mass and structure of concrete, so it continues to be a key construction material, while having minimal impact on the climate.  It’s ground-breaking initiatives like this that will allow the real estate industry to meet sustainability targets.

Dr David Bothe, an expert on energy & environmental economics, shared the positive learnings from a live project in Etzel, Germany.  Expected to have a significant impact on Europe’s commitment to a low carbon future, the project was initiated to prove that renewable energy can be converted to hydrogen, stored and then reconverted back into energy on an industrial scale.

From future gazing through to discovering innovations that can make a difference now, the 2021 PATRIZIA Investment Horizons attendees walked away with new ideas and a fresh perspective on technological trends and  initiatives that will truly allow the real estate industry to meet sustainability targets.

Click here to view some of the video highlights from 2021




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