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Information on the Complaints Procedure

PATRIZIA Real Estate Investment Management S. à r.l.

How to make a complaint

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction that an individual submits to PATRIZIA Real Estate Investment Management S.à r.l. (“PREIM”) regarding the provision of portfolio management, administrative or marketing services.

We would ask you to be as precise as possible in wording your written complaint and to furnish sufficient additional information to document it. You can send your complaint by post or e-mail to the following address:

e-mail: reim@patrizia.lu

Postal address:

PATRIZIA Real Estate Investment Management S.à r.l.

2-4, rue Beck

L-1222 Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Complaints handling process

Your complaint will be confirmed within 10 days of receipt and an initial reply will be sent out to you within a period of one month. All of the complaints we receive are handled by the individual responsible for complaints management.

In order to verify your identity or your commercial authority to act on another person’s behalf, we reserve the right to ask you to submit additional documents.

We will record your personal data, as well as the personal data concerning other natural persons affected by the complaint, and will retain this data for a period of at least 10 years in accordance with the legislation that applies in Luxembourg. Personal data may be transferred to the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF”) for regulatory purposes. The data recorded can include personal ID data, address(es), the type of relationship, the reasons for your complaint and any other information or documentation required to analyse your complaint.


Out-of-court complaint resolution procedure at the CSSF

If you feel that you have not received a satisfactory answer to your complaint, you can contact the CSSF Complaints department within one year of the date of receipt of the complaint by PREIM. In such cases, the CSSF acts as an intermediary, free of charge, the aim being to reach an agreement on, and settle, the dispute out of court.

The complaint must have been handled by the financial services provider concerned before the out-of-court complaint resolution procedure is opened at the CSSF. The complaint must have been submitted to PREIM in writing in advance. If you have received neither a satisfactory reply nor acknowledgement of receipt within one month of sending your complaint to PREIM, you can submit an application for out-of-court complaint resolution to the CSSF. Please use the form provided for this purpose (http://www.cssf.lu/fileadmin/files/Formulaires/Reclamation_111116_EN.pdf)


Postal address:

Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier

Départment Juridique – Service JUR - CC

208, route d’ Arlon

L-1150 Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

e-mail:  reclamation(at)cssf.lu

Fax:        +352 26 251 - 2601