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The PATRIZIA Academy

Customized employee training and education lie at the core of modern corporate culture and are central to any forward-looking business.

As a strong believer in staff training, we founded the PATRIZIA Academy in September 2011 to provide company staff with in-house development opportunities. The PATRIZIA Academy offers all employees at PATRIZIA the chance to participate in specialist seminars and training courses. Broken down into four key areas of business competence, training is matched closely to our staff needs.

This allows us to provide everyone working at PATRIZIA with systematic development opportunities, tailored to their personal and business requirements.

Sabine Schillinger-Köhne - Head of HR Germany

The staff training model used at the PATRIZIA Academy is based on four pillars of skills development:

  • Management skills
    Training courses and workshops convey expert knowledge, including methods, interpersonal skills and personality competence. This training is aimed at honing management skills at PATRIZIA and equipping staff with the tools they need for a variety of tasks encountered in modern management.
  • Interpersonal and social skills
    A variety of seminars centering on issues relating to communication, public speaking, presentations and self-management to help staff fine-tune their interactions with others.
  • International skills
    In keeping with the aims of the company, we also offer personal foreign language tuition enabling staff to communicate confidently with business partners outside of Germany.
  • Real estate skills
    These seminars focus on sharing and fostering specialist knowledge with an emphasis on real estate. We call our recipe for success “From PATRIZIA, for PATRIZIAns” – staff at the company share their real estate expertise and experiences with their colleagues.