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Specialist and Managerial Staff

At PATRIZIA, our specialist and managerial staff are highly motivated and always ready to assume responsibility. Marked by an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to learn and perform, these employees are self-reflective and flexible.

At PATRIZIA, the corporate ladder for specialists and managers is structured as follows:

Project management:

Up-and-coming managers are entrusted with the leadership duty of managing project teams, both for projects within a single area of the company as well as for collaborative endeavours. We assign this high level of responsibility to our qualified employees at an early stage in their career. To prepare them for this, they receive practical training; starting with smaller projects, their level of project responsibility is continually increased at an appropriate pace.

Line management:

Suitable employees who show that they are highly motivated are given leadership responsibilities early on. PATRIZIA prefers to fill management positions from within its own ranks, rather than hiring from outside of the company. Members selected for this level of management are extensively prepared for their duties through tutors, training programs, and courses offered by the PATRIZIA Academy.

Specialist management:

Experts are given the opportunity to take on specialist duties. These opportunities are offered at the departmental level, extending across all areas of the business to the corporate levels of the organization. PATRIZIA is always on hand to support specialist managers and offers suitable programs for professional development.