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Real estate investment experience – the key to success

Knowledge of the local market is the key to success in all investments. This is why PATRIZIA is adding local expertise in the heart of Helsinki to its Europe-wide network.

The entire spectrum of investment

As a well-known and respected local and international expert in the real estate sector, at PATRIZIA Finland we provide our investor clients with a comprehensive and secure service encompassing investment and asset management, spanning the residential and commercial real estate sectors, as well as unique off-market properties or those subject to pre-emption rights before being released onto the market. Find out more.

A European network of local real estate investment experts

In addition to Finland, PATRIZIA also has genuine expertise in all key European real estate markets. Our local experts know the market in their area like the back of their hand, and provide our customers with all of their expertise in one place. Our European network operates in close cooperation, allowing our experts to reach customers and find real estate all over Europe, as well as to identify market opportunities and changes in the market at an early stage.