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Our Service

PATRIZIA Finland is an expert in the real estate sector and benefits from an in-depth understanding of the significance of physical space. We invest in residential, office and premium commercial real estate and shopping centres in Finland. We also manage and develop high-quality properties.

Our parent company, PATRIZIA AG, is the largest provider of real estate investment management services in Europe, providing us with the necessary resources to make long-term investments in residential and commercial real estate.

Our clients are international institutional investors, such as pension funds, banks and insurance providers, as well as both public and private investment funds. We have offices in a range of European countries, which has allowed us to open up Finland’s real estate market to international investors and Europe’s real estate market to Finnish investors in a unique way.

PATRIZIA Finland was founded in 2014, and our expert team is based in the centre of Helsinki. Our services include investment management, financial management and economic management.

Our experience of over 30 years in real estate means that we are experts in the sector, and we share this knowledge openly with our clients

Our investors benefit from our local expertise, which allows us to find the best real estate in optimal locations. PATRIZIA Finland’s Business Director Essi Sten reports directly to Managing Director and Head of Nordic Region Rikke Lykke.