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Individual Fund Solutions

Markets require trust

Real estate investors are all individual and as a result they require individual solutions and strategies for their investments to create opportunities that are tailored to their needs.  They need products that are customised just for them. PATRIZIA uses its experience and knowledge to create well-informed investment choices and decisions for clients, operating proactively in today’s market while also taking a long-term approach. 

With over 30 years' experience in institutional real estate investments, PATRIZIA is one of the premier investment service providers among real estate asset and investment managers in Europe. We operate throughout Europe, managing funds that invest both directly and indirectly in residential and commercial real estate as well as operator-run properties. Our products include pool funds, individual funds, roll-over funds, label funds as well as co-investments. Furthermore, in our dual role as investment and real estate service providers, we can ensure our clients have the advantage of best in class expertise.

Scale based on professionalism

Since the EU directive AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) came into effect, the real estate funds market has also been subject to [new regulations/controls]. PATRIZIA fully complies with these requirements and specifications and possesses multiple AIFM licences, including three for Germany, one for Luxembourg and one for Denmark, with further country licenses currently being sought.

Market monitoring und first-hand realty expertise

PATRIZIA's team of experts maintain a constant awareness of the features and changes in their individual markets throughout Europe. We make our property selections based on in-depth market know-how and thorough consideration of all risks and opportunities. In addition, as a real estate service provider, we carry out specialist research concerning acquisitions of suitable properties as well as the financing at a fund level. We also cover portfolio management, asset and risk management, which also includes extensive reporting tools. 

Our clients stand to benefit from this comprehensive realty expertise with each and every fund product. 

Range of services:

  • Real estate research
  • Acquisition and purchase of suitable properties
  • Financing at the fund level
  • Portfolio management
  • Asset management
  • Risk management
  • Comprehensive reporting

Our real estate special funds:

  • PATRIZIA German Residential Fund I
  • PATRIZIA German Residential Fund II
  • PATRIZIA Euro City Residential Fund I
  • PATRIZIA Büro-Invest Europa I
  • PATRIZIA Handels-Invest Deutschland I
  • PATRIZIA Handels-Invest Europa I
  • PATRIZIA Hotel-Invest Deutschland I
  • PATRIZIA Pflege-Invest Deutschland I
  • PATRIZIA Wohn-Invest Deutschland I 

Residential real estate

Focus on Europe's metropolitan areas

With 500 million people, the single market of the European Union has the greatest purchasing power in the world. It is matched by a highly promising market for those who properly analyse the opportunities and carefully select the location, asset class, property size and type of use  of their investment. The housing sector in different European markets all indicate a number of very different trends. Nevertheless, they do share some key fundamentals:

  • People's requirements for living space are becoming increasingly diverse.
  • New and more flexible housing forms are becoming increasingly important.
  • In conjunction with demographic changes, there is a growing demand for age-appropriate living space that is accessible for all.

Momentum in the country and city rankings

While rental controls are being reduced in many markets, Germany is an exception having fixed its rental price controls in 2015. Although in the last ten years the purchase price for residential properties has gone up by about 25 percent, these increases are usually countered by very real demand. Munich, Berlin, London and Hamburg are generally considered to be among Europe's top five real estate locations. But Paris, Copenhagen and Stockholm along with smaller university cities such as Dublin, Amsterdam and Manchester offer attractive return opportunities. In addition, the comparatively lower cost of housing in the Netherlands, Ireland and Spain, combined with the impact of changing political circumstances on the rental markets in these countries, represent good investment opportunities.

PATRIZIA is on the ground in every key housing market in Europe, using its local expertise to maximize opportunities and potential for our investors. 

Commercial real estate

Focus on predictable long-term returns

Commercial properties are deemed to be profitable and relatively low-risk investments. Investors' interests are increasingly shifting to core plus und value-add properties, and macroeconomic factors continue to influence these trends.

Regardless of whether the target sector is office, retail or other commercial space, the best investment choices in a dynamic market are started by asking the right questions. Which locations, usage types and property sizes, and in what European countries, will generate the best returns? The individual economic conditions of each market must guide the assessment of risk and opportunity.

Concentrating on growing segments

When supply is limited and prices climb, effective asset management becomes increasingly critical. Retail is a key example of this. Double digit growth rates in e-commerce and changing customer needs require new utilisation concepts. While specialty retailers and supermarkets at conveniently located sites are booming, the prime locations in city centres will continue to be sought after, if only because of the high level of footflow accessible to the showrooms of national and international brands. But nothing is more constant than change itself. This is where it is important to identify trends early on and to take these into consideration in purchasing strategies, sale strategies and in asset management. The focal point is always one immutable factor: the location of the property.

The expert teams at PATRIZIA conduct extensive monitoring across all segments of commercial real estate. This is reflected in our modular funds concept, in which we target various usage types, in order to take advantage of their opportunities and options.

  • PATRIZIA Gewerbe-Immobilien Deutschland II
  • PATRIZIA Büro Europa I
  • PATRIZIA Handel Europa I

Would you like to learn more about our strategic orientation? We would be pleased to advise you as to which fund is consistent with your investment objectives. Talk to our experts.

Hotel and care properties

Prime assets with growth potential

The rule of individual investors having individual needs also applies to hotels and care homes - funds must be compatible with their investors. Once again, the key to successful investments is the underlying strategy.

Whether this involves luxury hotels in European metropolitan areas, wellness resorts in the countryside or care facilities in the outskirts of a city. In addition to location, condition and infrastructure, the occupancy rate and the price are part of the key assessment criteria. The PATRIZIA Immobilien special funds focus on trend-setting hotel concepts and nursing care properties whose micro-environments and demographic development set consistently strong demand.

Hotel market in Germany - their days as investment niches are over

Hotels represent a natural next step for a real estate portfolio, because they are subject to lower volatility than other segments, representing sound and solid earnings. Further to this, the low correlation between hotels and the traditional core real estate sectors of offices and retail has a beneficial effect, associated with the outperformance of both sectors in terms of the average total return produced over the past 10 years. These positive features that characterise hotel investments resulted in the fact that even in the economically difficult years of 2008 and 2009 following the financial crisis, no negative total return was registered in Europe. The days when hotel properties were viewed as an investment niche are definitely a thing of the past.

Diversifying into sectors with high potential

As a relatively recent, but now established, asset class, care facilities are well suited for providing diversity and sound income to a portfolio, alongside other assets that are subject to greater fluctuations in the market. By the year 2030, the number of people in need of care is expected to increase by more than half [across Europe?]. Already today, around 2.5 million people in Germany are dependent on nursing care services, and only about 30 percent of them live in care homes. So there is a nationwide lack of apartments suitable for senior citizens.

PATRIZIA invests in carefully selected operator-run properties based on comprehensive strength-weakness profiles. Currently, the biggest funds in the portfolio include:

  • PATRIZIA HotelInvest Deutschland
  • PATRIZIA Pflege Deutschland

Dr. Konrad FinkenzellerHead of International Capital Markets
Konrad Finkenzeller - Head of Institutional Clients International