PATRIZIA at the IPE Real Estate Global Conference & Awards 2023


We are pleased to once again sponsor IPE Real Estate Global Conference & Awards, this time in Milan. In its 23rd year, the conference is firmly established in the real estate event calendar and has become the premier event of its kind for institutional investors within the real estate sector. This year, Mahdi Mokrane, Head of Global Investment Strategy, Research & Investment Solutions at PATRIZIA, will be in our roundtable talking about “Finding value in the next market phase”

Finding value in the next market phase

Real estate markets have entered a fundamental repricing phase. Numerous geopolitical, capital market and regulatory factors are colluding and leading to higher uncertainty impacting the real estate values. A significant proportion of owners are faced with both a debt and decarbonisation funding gap. This has led to a hiatus in investment activity 2023-2024 feel like great vintage years for experienced value investors that offer to replace leverage beta with real active alpha strategies. What investment philosophy is best placed to create real alpha in this volatile and inflationary market phase?

Mahdi Mokrane, Head of Global Investment Strategy, Research & Investment Solutions, PATRIZIA

Monday, May 15 16:00

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Each year, IPE Real Assets works closely with the world's leading real estate investment and asset management firms to deliver the IPE Real Estate Global Conference & Awards. PATRIZIA is proud to continue supporting IPE as a silver themed sponsor of the conference as well as being the sole sponsor of the IPE Quest since its launch.

With 39 years of experience in real estate investment, PATRIZIA has deep and meaningful insights to share with IPE attendees. Our investment experts live, work and play in the communities where we invest and build. This means they are as passionate about ensuring their communities remain liveable as they are about building value for our partners through attractive investments and stable, resilient returns.


"At PATRIZIA, we pride ourselves on forward thinking, responsible investment and acting sustainably. This allows us to deliver long-term, sustainable value that continues to grow for all stakeholders, clients and communities".


About Mahdi Mokrane

Mahdi joined PATRIZIA in 2020 as Head of Global Investment Strategy & Research and Investment Solutions. Based in London, he oversees the firm’s investment strategies, research and performance analytics and investment solutions. He works on crafting PATRIZIA’s House View and serves on PATRIZIA’s Investment and Executive Committees and the PGP Board.

Previously, Mahdi worked at LaSalle as a Board Member, leading the European strategy and research team and serving on LaSalle’s Debt & Special Situations and private equity real estate investment committees. Mahdi held leading roles at AEW, MSCI IPD, ESSEC Business School, and Caisse des Dépôts.


London, United Kingdom

Mahdi Mokrane

Head of Global Investment Strategy, Research & Investment Solutions