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SCALE brings well-known street art and graffiti artists to Munich

The former Siemens site in Munich-Obersendling is to become the scene of an extraordinary art project. At the street art and graffiti festival ‘SCALE - Urban WallArt’ in Munich, international artists, including some world-famous ones, will decorate Hofmannstrasse with giant wall paintings from 26 June to 1 July.

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Works of art will be created in XXL format across several hundred square metres of wall space. The organiser, initiator and sponsor of the festival is PAT ART LAB, an ‘art space’ initiatve of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG, which aims to promote art in the public space throughout Europe.

What drives PATRIZIA to promote art? “We are one of the leading real estate investment companies in Europe. Our world is characterised by numbers, strategic thinking and the pursuit of efficiency. The art which lies at the opposite end of the spectrum allows us to change our perspectives and encourages us to explore new paths and develop creative solutions,” explains Ralf Lanzrath, head of PAT ART LAB. “This is not only relevant for individuals and the residents but also for the culture of our society, in terms of creating an open, tolerant and respectful cohabitation. That is why we see the promotion of culture as our basic task. The focus of PAT ART LAB is on contemporary art of well-known but also unknown artists.”

A number of the world’s most famous urban artists have been invited to SCALE - Urban WallArt Munich, amongst them OsGemeos from Brazil. The creations of these Brazilian twin brothers Otávio and Gustavo Pandolfo are famous the world over, with pieces displayed at the Tate Modern in London and MOCA Los Angeles. Also invtied are Axel Void from Miami, ARYZ and Okuda from Spain, Sainer (ETAM) from Poland, jana&js from France and Austria, Loomit from Germany, DAIM, SatOne, Daniel Man and the Stone Age Kids. A total of 15 street artists will paint three buildings directly on the Siemens campus during the course of the week.

This concentration of creativity and oversized works in a single space sets a high standard and is so far unique to the Munich region. The art will be created in the open, making it accessible to everyone, meaning the district is not only an exhibition space but also a freestanding studio. There is also a charity aspect connected with SCALE. The proceeds from the sale of art prints of the resulting wall paintings will be ploughed into the current building projects of the PATRIZIA Kinderhaus Foundation. The highlight of the festival will be a celebration on Friday 30 June 2017 starting at 20:00 (opening for the press from 18.00).

Further information about the artists and ongoing updates can be found at: www.pat-art-lab.com


PAT ART LAB is an art project of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG. The focus of the PAT ART LAB is on contemporary art of well-known but also unknown artists. With the establishment of the large-scale art event SCALE, which will continue to take place in various European cities, PATRIZIA aims to promote art in the public space and at the same time revitalise existing real estate stocks. The charity concept is also associated with SCALE. For example, proceeds from the sale of art prints with the resulting works of art will flow into the current building projects of the PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung.


PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung:

The PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung was founded in 1999 by Wolfgang Egger, Chairman of the Board of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG. The declared goal of the foundation is to create a place for vulnerable children and young people around the world through the construction of PATRIZIA children's homes. In this case, the focus is always on a new, expansion or conversion, adapted precisely to the respective needs. In the more than 15 years in which the foundation has now been active, 14 children's houses have already been built worldwide. Last year alone, the PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung helped 12,000 children in their projects - social, medical or educational. In doing so, each project is designed to be self-help. To this end, every euro donated flows 100% exclusively into the projects. For further information see www.kinderhausstiftung.de.

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