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PATRIZIA private investor funds are developing very successfully

PATRIZIA Immobilien AG has successfully developed business with real estate funds for private investors. All funds launched have achieved at least an annual payment of 4 - 5 percent for the year 2016.

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Andreas Heibrock, Managing Director of PATRIZIA GrundInvest states: "For some of our funds our clients can even look forward to higher payouts. And for the upcoming year, our clients will receive at least the planned payments.”

The public fund “PATRIZIA GrundInvest Stuttgart Südtor” is developing better than expected. At 4.75 percent, private investors will receive a pay out of 0.25 percentage points higher than planned. Through this fund, private investors invest in a modern, mixed-use property with a very attractive tenant mix at the Marienplatz — a central location in Stuttgart.

With the PATRIZIA GrundInvest Den Haag Residential fund, investors can look forward to a higher pay-out of 5.5 percent, instead of the promised 5.0 percent, while the PATRIZIA GrundInvest Campus Aachen fund provides the expected pay-out of 5.0 percent before tax for 2016 and, most likely for 2017.

All investors of the PATRIZIA GrundInvest Kopenhagen Südhafen fund, which invests in a modern residential complex in the Danish capital, will receive a pay-out of 4.5 percent before tax for the past year (the planned pay-out was 4.0 per cent). Similarly, for 2017 it is expected to pay out 0.5 percentage points higher. The reason for the good development is the strong demand for housing and the positive rental business in the residential complex.

The placement of the sixth real estate fund for private investors has recently started with the PATRIZIA GrundInvest Mainz Rheinufer fund. The property is located in a central location on the banks of the river Rhine in the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital. Its mixed use, including office, medical practices and clinical areas, retail, catering and parking, with more than 60 tenants, provides the basis for a stable investment which in turn will provide an average pay-out of 5.0 percent before tax.

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