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Art and children - the perfect symbiosis

When PATRIZIA CEO Wolfgang Egger set up the PATRIZIA KinderHouse Foundation in 1999, he had a clear vision. His aim was to pave the way for disadvantaged children and young adolescents throughout the world to enjoy a better future.

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The foundations for this were laid by helping others to help themselves and by ensuring children receive a good education – the key to self-determination and success in life. Ever since, the foundation has used its KinderHouse projects to give young people a chance to enjoy a healthy life, learn from others or simply grow up in a safe haven. More than 150,000 children have received support at a KinderHouse – help that is crucial for their development. Egger is a man of his word: every euro and cent goes towards a local KinderHouse – 100%. This is something close to everyone’s heart, not just the founder, but also everyone working at the foundation and the many who help and back KinderHouse institutions.

Supporting art has always been a pursuit of passion in the world of PATRIZIA. As one of the leading real estate investment companies in Europe, many things in the PATRIZIA universe are about numbers, strategic plans and enhancing efficiency. The arts are at the other end of the scale. They allow people to look at things from a different angle and encourage staff with a fixation on figures to think beyond spreadsheets and seek creative solutions – on behalf of other individuals, but also for modern culture, or for a more open, tolerant and caring coexistence. For PATRIZIA, supporting the arts is thus a fundamental responsibility, an obligation and commitment to fulfil a responsibility that every individual has to society, especially if they work for a company.  


The PAT ART LAB is an initiative started by PATRIZIA to provide a totally unique vehicle for combining both of these heartfelt passions – and to do so in a way that would only be possible for PATRIZIA. Going by the motto 'Art Helps Children', PATRIZIA has found an impactful way to promote modern art and at the same time help children in need. The PAT ART LAB sees itself as a contemporary art platform for leading artists – albeit artists who may not always be well known to the general public. The idea is to support art in large open areas in European cities.

Art helps children

In the summer of 2017, the PAT ART LAB launched an extraordinary event called the SCALE street art festival in Munich. A variety of the world’s best-known graffiti artists were invited to SCALE to paint their fabulous works on office buildings on a former Siemens site in the city. The result was a series of XXL murals covering an area measuring several hundred square metres. A total of 15 street artists took part in the festival, including OsGemeos, the world-famous twin brothers from Brazil, Axel Void from Miami, ARYZ and Okuda from Spain, Sainer (ETAM) from Poland, jana&js from France and Austria, and the German street artists Loomit, DAIM, SatOne, Daniel Man, and the Stone Age Kids. Together, they turned the occasion into a unique event, a festival that allowed an outdoor area to be transformed into a temporary art gallery for everyone to enjoy. Prints were made of the works created by the artists and these are now available for purchase. 100 per cent of the revenues will go towards projects at the KinderHouse Foundation. One example of such a project is the Rising Star school in Zimbabwe.

Hope for Hopley  

The Rising Star school was founded in 2010 following an initiative launched by local residents in Harare. The school is located in Hopley, one of the poorest settlements on the outskirts of the Zimbabwean capital. The first school consisted of classrooms made with tarpaulins and clay dugouts and the most basic school buildings. The aim of the new PATRIZIA KinderHouse is to improve the teaching environment at Rising Star. New, solid buildings are being erected so that lessons can be taught at all times of the year. The first buildings are already in place and these provide space for 200 pupils. Once all of the school buildings are finished there should be enough room for up to 1000 pupils.

New projects

Following the amazing success of the PAT ART LAB in Munich, further ‘art spaces’ are now planned in other locations across Europe. A famous saying artists like to quote is that art is always created by the people for the people. This is exactly what happens at the PAT ART LAB. The cultural events are staged in public areas to make art freely accessible to others – something more approachable. At the same time, these events support the activities of the KinderHouse Foundation and this helps children and adolescents. The perfect symbiosis. From people, for people.



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