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PATRIZIA Multi Manager (PMM) Global IV

Type of Transaction: Multi Manager Funds
Strategy: Value add
Geographic Focus: global in sectors Office, Retail, Residential, Logistics/Industrial and others
Transaction Volume: €505m
Management Approach:
  • PATRIZIA Multi Manager (PMM) Global IV is a global value add fund, which had its final close in mid-2016 with €505m in total commitments. PMM Global IV is a continuation of PMM Global II and PMM Global III’s strategy. It targets a net IRR of 11%+ to investors by investing in the small- and mid-cap segment alongside local operating partners. PMM Global IV is expected to maintain a prudent leverage of approximately 50% loan-to-value.
  • PMM Global IV will mainly invest in existing properties with significant potential for NOI growth through hands-on repositioning techniques. PMM Global IV will also do developments in markets with significant growth and undersupply of up-to-date buildings. Approximately two thirds of the capital is expected to be allocated to mature markets and one third to emerging markets. 
  • PMM Global IV is currently sourcing opportunities for investment. 
  • As of May 2016, PMM Global IV is approximately 30% committed through five distinct strategies in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

When the investment program is finalised, PMM Global IV’s portfolio is expected to have the following exposure:


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