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Management of the PATRIZIA Logistik-Invest Europe I

Type of Transaction: Funds and Separate Accounts
Strategy: Core
Geographic Focus: Building a pan-European logistics property portfolio, excluding markets with foreign currencies (e.g. UK, Sweden).
Transaction Volume: Initial target fund volume was set at up to €500m (€250m equity); plans to increase the capital base of the special fund.
Management Approach:

  • Acquisition and management of conventional, e-commerce and conurbation-focused logistics assets
  • Focus on last-mile delivery and B2B/B2C products
  • Generating a stable cash flow return; upside potential thanks to acquisition of new buildings and expected high demand for logistics space
  • Sourcing focus on pre-leased new developments, sale/lease-back transactions and top locations with low re-letting risk
  • Market situation in Europe enables very attractive returns in line with the risk/return profile
  • Local access, motorway junctions, airports and ports
  • EU metropolitan markets: Germany, France, Benelux
  • Opportunities in Northern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Ireland
  • Target cash flow return of 6.5% at an LTV of 50%

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