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Management of the PATRIZIA Healthcare-Invest Germany I

Type of Transaction: Funds and Separate Accounts
Strategy: Core
Geographic Focus: Building a portfolio focused on German nursing and care facilities
Transaction Volume: A fund volume of €500m (€250m equity) has been realised
Management Approach:

  • Acquisition of nursing and care facilities located exclusively in Germany
  • Investment in stock properties and property developments
  • Full-time, in-patient senior care facilities
  • Target locations with a minimum of 30,000 inhabitants
  • Ideal size: 80–160 beds - Single room rates as high as possible
  • Investor-oriented leasehold agreements (terms of around 15 years)
  • Strong covenant operators
  • High occupancy rates at reference properties
  • Ongoing monitoring (review of occupancy rates and concepts, business analyses and budget plans, etc.,)
  • Long-term average return target for this special fund: just below 6%

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