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Management of the PATRIZIA German Commercial Property Fund Series

Type of Transaction: Funds and Separate Accounts
Strategy: Core
Geographic Focus: Building real estate portfolios that invest in German commercial properties; focus on Germany's Big 7 as well as up-and-coming, medium-sized cities and university towns
Transaction Volume: The volume of the fund series amounts to more than €1.5bn; Options include increasing the capital base of the special funds and expanding the fund series
Management Approach:
  • Risk diversification and minimization is ensured thanks to diversification across various cities and usage types
  • In order to take advantage of market opportunities, a maximum of 25% of final assets will be invested in usage types outside the standard office segment
  • Purchases include both property developments and stock properties
  • The average holding period ranges between 5 and10 years. Time of sale depends on property condition and lease structure and is based on the ideal time of exit in view of current market opportunities
  • To date, all funds in the series have either performed within the target range or significantly higher

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