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Acquisition and Management of the FORUM Retail Portfolio

Type of Transaction: Funds and Separate Accounts
Strategy: Core Plus
Geographic Focus: 25 properties in 23 locations in western Germany
Transaction Volume: Transaction volume of roughly €340m
Management Approach:

  • Acquisition of this highly attractive retail portfolio within the scope of an off-market deal
  • Transaction security and PATRIZIA’s track record in this segment helped secure this deal
  • Portfolio is generally intended to generate long-term, stable cash flow
  • Measures are taken to optimise the portfolio – i.e. we have sold some of the properties at very attractive prices 
  • Further acquisitions are also planned to guarantee long-term quality and sustainability of the portfolio
  • In terms of asset management, we are gradually optimising the lease situation – i.e. decreasing vacancy, improving usage concepts, bringing rents to market level, etc.
  • Target for long-term average cash flow return is 6.0%

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