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PATRIZIA Immobilien AG once again plans to issue bonus shares instead of a dividend payment

The Supervisory Board and Managing Board of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG (ISIN DE000PAT1AG3) have today decided to propose to the Annual General Meeting on June 12, 2013, that the unappropriated profit of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG for 2012 in the amount of EUR 64.4 million be entirely carried forward to a new account and that a capital increase from capital reserves be resolved by issuing bonus shares.

This will increase the share capital by converting capital reserves. In the course of this measure, each PATRIZIA shareholder will receive one additional new share (bonus share) for every ten existing shares. The shareholders are again not required to make any contribution.

If the Annual General Meeting of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG agrees to the measure, the capital increase will be performed by issuing 5,734,300 new registered no-par value shares. This measure will have no influence on the amount of the shareholders’ funds since it merely constitutes a regrouping of components within shareholders’ funds. The share capital will increase from a current total of EUR 57,343,000 to EUR 63,077,300, divided into 63,077,300 registered no-par value shares. The new shares will carry dividend rights from the beginning of the 2013 fiscal year.

Last year PATRIZIA received major support for its issue of bonus shares. We again plan to use the retained liquid assets for investing in co-investments, thus accelerating sustainable growth for PATRIZIA in Europe.

The Managing Board
Augsburg, March 18, 2013

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