Michael Ostner
Katharina Stürzl
Andreas Friedrich
Maria Lagouvardou-Oral
Mario Höll
Elisa Kosziol
Maria McGauley
Lisa Lösche
Stefan Fuchs
Christin Michels
Hannes Götz
Tobias Zeitler
Stefanie Wegner
Dr. Sven Olaf Eggers
Jürgen Klein
Nicole Arbes
Klaus Johannsen
Amelia Malatesta
Dominik Röhrich
Christiane Schebaum
Ilka Homfeld
Frank Siegfried
Bianca Haupt

Getting on board at PATRIZIA

PATRIZIA is an attractive employer in the real estate industry, and a company well-known for its education and training programs: There are many ways to get on board and establish long-lasting career opportunities. Whether you are looking to apply as an intern, apprentice, university graduate or field expert, PATRIZIA is the best partner for a future career in real estate.

Take a look at the extensive entry and advancement opportunities at PATRIZIA.

University Students
PATRIZIA Management Trainee Programme
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