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PATRIZIA Management Trainee Programme

PATRIZIA offers a Management Trainee Programme for real estate management graduates. The aim is to give all trainees the deepest and most comprehensive insight into the company and optimally prepare them for future tasks.

During the 18-months programme, the trainees pass trough a variety of departments of their choice. In terms of content, they can expect strategic as well as operational tasks, in which they already assume responsibility for entire projects.

Gain international experience

Working at PATRIZIA means working internationally. With our locations and clients in many European countries – such as France, Spain, or Denmark – we are an internationally oriented company. Thus, an integral part of our trainee programme is always an international stay at one of our European locations. There, our trainees have the opportunity to get to know the special characteristics of the national and regional real estate markets.

Support from personal mentors

During the 18 months, a personal mentor is available to the trainees. Both with their mentor as well as with their personal contact in the Human Resources Department, regular discussions are held on programme progress and individual development. In order to expand the trainees’ leadership competence in a targeted manner, their tasks also include the training of new employees and the holding of lectures at conferences or universities. Seminars and workshops on topics such as rhetoric, presentation, workshop facilitation, or project management supplement the extensive training.

PATRIZIA is looking for university graduates for its trainee programme. Applicants should hold a master’s degree or doctorate. A focus on real estate in their studies as well as any practical experience gained in this area is important. All candidates are expected to have international experience and a strong command of English.

Trainee profiles

What is the Trainee Programme and what advice is there for future trainees? Here some of our junior staff tell of their experiences.

  • Laura Czober

    Degree: MSc in International Real Estate and Planning (UCL)
    International experience:
    • 2007-2008: One year in the US as a foreign exchange student
    • 2013: 3-month internship in London
    • 2014/2015: Master’s studies (UCL) and student employee (JLL Corporate Finance) in London
    Previous secondments:
    • Corporate Development Institutional Clients
    • Project Development
    • Institutional Clients / Product Development
    • CEO
    Secondment unrelated to real estate: Corporate development
    My reasons for joining the management trainee programme: Once I earned my master’s degree, I was on the lookout for a property investment company that offered a specific management programme for entry-level employees. I was especially interested in something with an international focus, the possibility to take on responsibility from the start, and the dynamics of my future employer. The Management Trainee Programme at PATRIZIA was my clear favourite: an international and long-established company with big plans for the future, which I could get to know from top to bottom. Being accepted was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss for anything.
    My advice to all new management trainees: Make use of overlaps: I found it especially helpful to select my upcoming work areas based on my experiences in the previous departments. It meant I could really “come full circle”. So if there is a really good overlap between one department and the next, I would recommend selecting it as the next secondment. This not only means that you can look at a project from two different angles, but it also creates a thread of continuity that weaves itself throughout the programme. It gives you a unique opportunity to learn about and understand a wide variety of relationships across the whole company. Also, the networks created in the individual departments will definitely come in handy for all future tasks.
  • Florian Fischer

    Degree: Master of Arts in Business Administration (Construction and Property)
    International experience:
    • One semester studying in London
    • A gap year travelling after graduation
    Previous secondments:
    • PATRIZIA GrundInvest KVG
    • Asset Management
    • Project Development, working in the Acquisitions team
    Secondment unrelated to real estate: Work placement in Amsterdam
    My reasons for joining the management trainee programme: The trainee programme offers an all-round view into the entire company. One learns a lot during the programme and is thus prepared for position of responsibility in the company. I wanted to get to know the whole context of a real estate company, so I applied for the Trainee Programme at PATRIZIA. The programme is very diverse: You take on your own projects as well as the “daily business” activities of the respective departments. Thus, an ideal introduction to the professional world, in which a personal network can be established in the company in addition to the professional understanding.
    My advice to all new management trainees: Make full use of the mentor and HR supervisor from the very start of the programme. Previous management trainees also have a lot of valuable tips and advice to share, and their experience can be a great help. PATRIZIA has a very open company culture, so trainees are integrated quickly into live projects. It is easy to jump straight into teamwork within the various departments and you are immediately treated like a fully fledged member of the team. The experience and contacts you gain as a trainee in the various departments are also invaluable and allow you to make a tangible contribution.


Are you interested in the PATRIZIA Management Trainee Programme? If you have any questions about the programme or your application, we would be pleased to help you!