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Applicants with previous work experience


We offer a number of opportunities to experienced professionals, across a wide variety of functions and disciplines, from fund management to real estate asset management, fund services, property transactions, finance and digitalisation. Our flat structures are ideal for you to gather important experience and gain first-hand exposure to the ingredients that will allow you to forge a successful career. There are also plenty of development options to explore at the PATRIZIA Academy, covering six core curricula.


Leadership & Management

We offer a specialized training path for both Leadership & Management to enhance the skill of current PATRIZIAs and develop the abilities of the net generation.

Digital & Tech Skills

Real estate is going increasing digitalized in terms of both data and tools, so we provide training to ensure you skills are up to speed.

Language Skills

Language skills are essential to business and tapping into different cultures, behaviours and values.

Intercultural Trainings

Have a broad and diverse workforce, we offer specialized trainings to ensure cooperation and understanding between all employees.

Real Estate Expertise

We are company of real real estate experts and our training enhances our abilities.

Personal Effectiveness

We provide training to help you use your energy, skills and talents to reach your career goals.

To make the most of the opportunity we’ll give you, you’ll need an entrepreneurial attitude towards business, an ability to work independently or in a team, and a distinct focus on delivering service. As a diverse and international organisation, we value fluency in English.

Career paths

Whether your career path in real estate takes you straight up the ladder or you develop more laterally, we always encourage you to grow as an individual

Candidate advice – allow us to help

Do ensure you’ve read our application requirements, information on the process and any other general advice before submitting your application. It’s important to present yourself in the best possible light, as there are a number of things we take into consideration when considering candidates’ suitability.


From the PATRIZIA Academy to LinkedIn Learning, Rosetta Stone and other external training formats – we draw on the best of the best, to equip you with the skills.

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Open Positions

We regularly have new openings for people from all kinds of backgrounds, including from different industries. Perhaps there’s a position that’s just right for you right now.

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