Early Career

PATRIZIA offers motivated students, graduates and professionals at an early stage of their career a number of attractive ways to flourish in the real estate investment industry. Our focus as you jump on the career ladder lies in fostering your understanding of actual business practice and paving the way for you to develop and move onwards and upwards.

What matters most to us is your sense of drive and ambition. So we offer you the right options to match. These span a number of early career opportunities, from real estate apprenticeships, to placements for working students, real estate internships and a variety of options for graduate entries and people with less than three years of work experience. So whether you join one of our more structured early career development programmes or choose to join PATRIZIA as a direct entry after studying, we offer a number of ways to kick-start your career.

I. ​​​​​​​Who you’ll work with

We can offer you a whole host of business areas to start in. This ensures you’re given the ideal introduction to a leading player in property investment and real estate assets. We can even offer you a choice of locations to embark on your career, not only in Germany (where we’re based – from our head office in Augsburg to Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin or Hamburg) but also in a selection of attractive locations across Europe.

Helping you learn, grow and develop

All of the opportunities we offer enable you to develop your personal skills, give you direct exposure to a professional working environment and allow you to gain a broad understanding of the roles involved in real estate investment management. The in-depth training you receive at PATRIZIA spans many areas and adheres to the highest standards.

Enjoying what we’re doing

In terms of the working environment at PATRIZIA, you’ll notice our company has flat hierarchies. We’re also constantly evolving and rethinking the workspace and office environment at the company. Not only do we ensure your work is stimulating, the tasks you work on revolve closely around teamwork. Overall, our company’s ‘performance principles’ are based on mutual trust, mutual support, expressing your honest opinion and doing what you say you’ll do.

What we look for in candidates:

To make the most of the opportunity, you will need to be someone with an agile ‘can do’ approach, who can work in a team and who is results-focused. As a multinational organisation, we also value language skills, particularly the language we do most of our business in: English.

The opportunities at PATRIZIA

  • thorough introductions and constructive supervision via our mentoring programme
  • an innovative and fast-moving work environment
  • fascinating tasks to work on with personal responsibility from day one
  • an international outlook with the possibility to work abroad
  • real estate seminars, projects and other training options that foster your development, both personally and professionally
  • attractive benefits even for staff undergoing training and a good chance of staying with the company after training

II. Early Career Programme



One option to help you kick off your career is our apprenticeship programme. Some universities in Germany will allow you to dovetail this type of training with your studies (dual studies). Depending on your personal interests and abilities, we offer a number of training options:

  •  Bachelor of Arts (under the German dual education system)

Specialist topic: the property industry or accounting/management accounting

  • Apprenticeship to become a Business Graduate in Office Management or in Real Estate
  • Internships

Internships (or student placements) at PATRIZIA last at least three months. We offer internships in almost all areas of the business, allowing you to work on live projects and take personal responsibility. As well as learning lots about the real estate/property industry, an internship is an excellent opportunity to apply the things you’re learning in your studies to an actual business setting.

Working student


The main idea of joining us temporarily as a working student is to allow you to gain exposure to front-line activities and the daily business. In principle, you can apply for part-time work experience in any area of the company. We’ll encourage you to work independently and you’ll be assigned to a fixed department for the duration of your work experience.

Degree thesis


Coming to the end of your studies and interested in writing a degree thesis with us on a topic relating to the real estate industry? Simply get in touch and tell us about the specific topics you’re thinking of writing about. We’ll help you write your bachelor or master thesis. During your entire time at the company, we will ensure you have a fixed supervisor in one of our specialist departments to provide you with useful pointers and advice.

University graduates


Exciting challenges, mutual trust, and open and honest communication – the key ingredients of our day-to-day work at PATRIZIA. By offering a variety of attractive options for climbing the career ladder, we develop people into team players that make us who we are – one of the leading investment companies in Europe! If you come on board as a direct-entry recruit, you’ll go straight into a full-time role in a specific area or department. You’ll first be assigned to work alongside an experienced colleague, but you’ll then be expected to assume more and more responsibility. Our overall aim is to ensure that by the time you complete this more ‘junior’ phase, you’re ready to work independently and manage projects yourself.

III. Analyst Talent Programme

coming in 2021

This two-year rotation programme gives you the chance to develop a wide range of commercial analyst skills and potentially leads to a number of roles within departments such as Fund Management, Asset Management, Fund Services, Transactions, Capital Markets or Digitalisation. Based in a regional office, you will need to be mobile.

In addition to developing technical and functional skills, you will also receive training on the real estate industry, personal effectiveness and leadership skills. To apply, you must have graduated from university and have less than two years’ work experience. 

The analyst role includes:

  • Providing (monthly) performance reviews, reporting, monitoring and analysis
  • Consulting with business partners on the reasons for significant financial deviations
  • Financial modelling in keeping with the best practice in industry and analysed data
  • Maintaining and updating modelling tools used for internal reports and data analysis

The qualities we look for:

  • Strong academic background/a successful work history
  • Preferably: a master’s degree
  • Nice to have: a background in property/the real estate industry
  • Must have: a strong interest in property/real estate
  • A mature outlook, strong ambition, emotional intelligence and flexibility
  • Teamworking skills and a strong ability to work with people from different cultures

What we offer:

Our analyst talent programme offers you a solid and fascinating introduction to PATRIZIA and the world of real estate investment. You’ll gain exposure to a broad variety of corporate clients as well as a diversity of functions within the organisation. You’ll also be given the opportunity to work closely with fund management teams, clients and investors so you can learn how to monitor financial performance and develop financial models for internal and external purposes.

What happens after the programme?

Our programmes are designed to act like a springboard for a successful career at PATRIZIA. We also support you throughout the programme with personal development and career planning to ensure you lay a strong foundation for a successful career at our company. Naturally, opportunities will also arise to be recommended for future vacancies.

How does the application process work?

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