Pay & Benefits

What you can expect

Compensation Philosophy


We want to attract and retain the best people. It’s how we grow our business and keep one step ahead of our competitors. Naturally, our employee packages reflect this by offering appropriate salaries and benefits. So we offer competitive remuneration that matches and mirrors the specifics of each job. This is supplemented by competitive annual incentives that reflect our pay-for-performance principles.

Salary and Performance Incentives


We are a meritocracy – so we reward achievement and effort with a bonus. Accordingly, your role, responsibilities and performance in both the short and long term have a direct bearing on your incentive rewards, and these are added to your base salary. 



We offer a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that’s not only relevant to your background and abilities, but also tailored to your location.

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Our Culture & People

At PATRIZIA, we make a deal with people that captures everything we stand for, pulls us together as a team and sets us apart from others.

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Open Positions

We regularly have new openings for people from all kinds of backgrounds, including from different industries. Perhaps there’s a position that’s just right for you right now.

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