Our Culture & People

These are some of the components of PATRIZIA’s high-performance culture and part of the framework that enables highly entrepreneurial careers.

Our purpose

At PATRIZIA, we believe in building communities and sustainable futures. We also believe that performance is driven by innovative minds. Our aim is to be always one step ahead and make a positive impact – our foundation of operational excellence and a philosophy which our stakeholders also believe in.

Our vision

Our aspiration for 2023 is to become the leading partner for global “Real Assets”. To this end, our real estate innovators are uniquely empowered to be true to the principles of PATRIZIA – as ‘PATRIZIAns’ who notice what others fail to notice and do what has never been done before.

Our people deal

At PATRIZIA, we make a deal with people that captures everything we stand for, pulls us together as a team and sets us apart from others. We do this by seeking and spotting potential. And our corporate values reflect a unique entrepreneurial spirit that helps us to realise and build on individual potential each and every day. Potential is everywhere if you know how to nurture it. And no one is better equipped to help clients and communities realise their true potential and value than our international team of entrepreneurs, innovators and opportunity-seekers. Join us at PATRIZIA in building a future everyone believes in.

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PATRIZIA People Deal

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PATRIZIA People Deal

Our values


The values that reflect our unique entrepreneurial spirit - we believe in:


Frame the opportunity, ask the right questions, solve it as a team.


For our Clients:

"I look for innovative ways to meet clients' evolving needs."

For our Colleagues:

"I solve, innovate and succeed as part of a team."

For our Company:

"I use inspiration form outside PATRIZIA to benefit our business."


Take smart risks, say what you think, do the right thing.


For our Clients: 

"I do the right thing for my clients, not just the easy thing."

For our Colleagues: 

"I speak out and say what I think."

For our Company: 

"I am confident taking balanced risks and making bold decisions."


Take ownership, adapt to challenges, raise the standard.


For our Clients:

"I take personal ownership that helps build trust with clients."

For our Colleagues:

"I bring colleagues with me to deliver a great solution."

For our Company:

"I set high standards of quality - and work hard to keep raising them."


Think positively, share freely, build for the future.


For our Clients:

"I make our future together exciting and day-to-day interactions easy."

For our Colleagues:

"I enjoy working with others and make it enjoyable to work with me."

For our Company:

"I am passionate about PATRIZA's future and impact on communities."

We see potential!


In the dreams and aspirations of communities. In the plans of businesses and ambitions of clients. And in a dynamic 21st century real-asset market that’s the real-world foundation of it all. No-one sees potential more clearly than us. And no-one is better equipped to help clients and communities realise its true value than our international team of entrepreneurs, innovators and opportunity seekers.

The potential to help our clients thrive by applying your expertise to 21st-century challenges and opportunities.

The potential to make a meaningful contribution by building communities and sustainable futures.

The potential to develop a prosperous career as we grow to become the leading global partner for pan-European real estate investment.

The potential to be your best you by living the values we share every day.

“We are PATRIZIA. Together, our potential is limitless!”

Pay & Benefits

We want to attract and retain the best people. It’s how we grow our business and keep one step ahead of our competitors.

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Open Positions

We regularly have new openings for people from all kinds of backgrounds, including from different industries. Perhaps there’s a position that’s just right for you right now.

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