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At PATRIZIA, we pride ourselves on forward thinking, on responsible investment, and acting sustainably. These attributes allow us to deliver long-term, sustainable value that continues to grow, for all our stakeholders, clients, and communities.

With 24 offices around the globe, over 800 employees, and more than 50 fund managers, we’re dedicated to carefully managing our robust and diversified portfolio of over €47 billion. Each solution we deliver, to investors large or small, is uniquely structured to meet their requirements.

What’s more, thanks to our understanding of the megatrends shaping all of our lives, we’re able to create future-proof, thoughtful, and performance-driven investment strategies. Each with a continued focus on the Living Sectors and Logistics, which have proven to be both resilient and attractive investment opportunities.

Our teams work collaboratively across the business, combining experience with extensive local knowledge and data intelligence. Mahdi Mokrane, our Head of Investment Strategy and Research, leads a team of specialists who analyse a huge variety of data sources to uncover patterns and trends. This knowledge is then used to advise on impactful, forward thinking investments across European real estate and global real assets.

For 37 years, we have led the transformation of our industry by exploring innovative technologies and seizing exciting new opportunities. Forward thinking is a part of our DNA, and will allow us to continue to drive change while delivering stable and attractive returns for all our stakeholders.

We pride ourselves on investing responsibly and sustainably, and believe this is the best way to deliver long-term returns for all our stakeholders and our clients. As part of this commitment, we aim to make a positive impact on the communities we’re part of, which includes being close to our tenants and understanding their needs. For example, we recently announced plans to install smart meters and optimise billing services across our portfolio to help reduce tenants’ annual energy bills.

We’re also committed to social responsibility; in the last 21 years alone, the PATRIZIA Foundation has helped over 230,000 children in need, building schools, hospitals, and children’s homes worldwide, from Tanzania and Uganda to India and Nepal.

Learn more about the work carried out by the PATRIZIA Foundation.

We have always embraced our responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of our own office buildings, asset portfolio, and wider business. As such, all our investment practices and business plans, long and short term, are directly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The PATRIZIA Sustainability Strategy also outlines a commitment to prudent property stewardship, transparent corporate governance, the protection of vulnerable groups and future generations, and the development of resilient ecosystems that actively preserve the environment. 

Meet the Investment Strategy and Research team

Dr. Mahdi Mokrane, Head of Investment Strategy and Research


Since joining in January 2020, Mahdi has expertly overseen PATRIZIA’s investment strategies, research, and performance analytics. On a day-to-day basis, he works closely with Management Board Member and Chief Investment Officer Anne Kavanagh, and serves on our Investment and Executive committees.

Mahdi’s experience is both impressive and extensive. He has previously worked as a Board Member at LaSalle Investment Management, leading the European Strategy and Research team, and held leadership roles at a number of international investment firms. Mahdi has a PhD in Economics and Finance from the EHESS Research Institute, and an MA from Dauphine University. When he’s not busy managing PATRIZIA’s investment strategies, he enjoys sharing a big paella with family and friends, and discovering lesser-known works of science fiction.

“Investors today want more asset classes, bigger tickets and more global reach with their preferred partners. We are expanding to match their expectations by creating international opportunities with attractive return profiles using best-in-class services. This is based on having 200+ experts on the ground in the cities in which we invest and supporting their knowledge with advanced AI-driven tools.”

Julia Ashford, Head of Performance Analytics


Julia is a widely-respected, long-standing member of the PATRIZIA family. She bears the crucial responsibility of managing work streams so that performance can be measured consistently across all PATRIZIA investment vehicles. Under Julia’s guidance, accurate performance metrics are delivered for our fund managers to access via intuitive and easy-to-navigate platforms.

Julia is a member of the Performance Measurement Committee for INREV, and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She also enjoys spending quality family time in the great outdoors, as well as reading and meditating.

“Recently I took on the lead role within the performance analytics team. Much is being demanded of the team as PATRIZIA seeks to develop its capabilities and offer leading, user-friendly digital solutions. It is a demanding and high-octane environment, but it also allows opportunity to develop innovative ways to solve complex and evolving challenges, which is exhilarating and professionally rewarding.


Dr. Marcelo Cajias, Head of Data Intelligence


Marcelo is the Head of Data Intelligence section, which comprises a core part of the Investment Strategy and Research team. He is responsible for developing and managing the intelligent analytical solutions and dashboards, developed together with supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods, which are integral to the global PATRIZIA investment strategy.

Marcelo is a city-loving multi-linguist, has a passion for Beat Saber, and is a pioneering researcher. His work has been published in various international journals, and has been awarded both the coveted RICS Best Paper Award and the German Real Estate Research Prize.

“Using AI, we can achieve insights into, for example, the time needed to rent out an apartment in a particular block in a city. We can also decompose rents to understand what features are valued the most in each city. Data can also address previously unanswerable questions, such as what is the best street? We can quantify by how much prices and rents change according to the distance to parks, schools and shopping centres. And we can do this across Europe.”

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What’s shaping tomorrow’s residential market?


Urbanisations vs. low construction

Urbanisation is currently one of the fundamental drivers of the European residential market, and is expected to remain constant until 2050. By this time, it’s estimated that nearly 85% of all European citizens will live in cities. This ongoing trend, combined with relatively low construction activity, is resulting in a demand and supply imbalance – ensuring residential assets remain robust and resilient.

As a result of urbanisation, European cities have become hubs for education and innovation, which is fuelling their economic growth. However, some cities are struggling to keep pace with their ever-increasing populations and to provide the requisite housing and amenities. Ultimately, this could endanger their attractiveness in the long term – an eventuality our analysts are always mindful of.


European housing construction remains moderate

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, the residential market has proven to be resilient. As risk tolerance decreases, though, there could be an adverse effect on the sector as homebuyers are refused mortgages and loans from risk-averse banks. Fortunately, the rental market remains stable; but increasing concerns surrounding housing affordability, with increasing political involvement, could also impact the market of tomorrow. Knowing this allows us to best manage our portfolio.

European housing construction by country

European housing construction by country

Continued buoyancy in the Living sectors

The Living Sectors continue their reputation for resilience, with co-living, student housing, and senior living offering attractive opportunities for investors. Co-living, a relative newcomer to the sector, is designed to deliver communal living for city dwellers. A short to mid-term challenge, however, will be identifying whether these types of assets are best suited to longer-term residents or more mobile, short-term residents.

Student housing also continues to promise long-term returns, although the extent and freedom of international student travel in a post covid-19 pandemic world will pose interesting questions. Vienna and Stockholm, though, with more domestically-focussed student populations, could provide especially exciting opportunities.

“Senior-appropriate living and long-term care properties offer immense growth potential,” says Jan-Hendrik Jessen, our Head of Fund Management Operated Properties – indeed, the total number of people over the age of 80, globally, is expected to reach 426 million by 2040. Such properties will be ideal for diversifying an investor’s portfolio, as their returns are largely irrespective of business cycles, and their leases extend for long periods of up to 20 years.

Data insights are the real deal

The use of data analytics is revolutionising the residential investment market. By leveraging huge amounts of data, analysts are now able to tease out incredibly granular insights. These can range from discovering the precise amount of time needed to rent out an apartment – five days in Munich, several weeks in Dresden – to identifying the cities where a fitted kitchen will add more value than a balcony.

At PATRIZIA, we use data tools to forecast rental estimates within an error margin of merely €1 per square metre. This allows us to identify if a property is under or overpriced, which then helps us decide whether to buy, sell, or hold a property for our investors.

Similarly, the PATRIZIA Amenities Magnet is an algorithm that harnesses the power of data intelligence and assesses location quality based on proximity to local amenities. This is particularly valuable as urbanisation continues to unbalance demand and supply, and can also reveal sometimes surprising insights. For instance, the northern urban areas of Greater Manchester – Bury, Bolton, and Rochdale – deliver the same degree of amenity attractiveness as the city centre itself.

Areas outside city centres score high on amenities

“We have taught machines to benchmark locations within a city. We believe that real estate investments these days need a combination of local experts on the ground and data intelligence.”


The PATRIZIA Living Cities Index: our finger on the pulse of European cities


The PATRIZIA European Living Cities Index is a valuable investor resource, and a clear example of how our sophisticated data intelligence and forward thinking analysis allow us to look confidently to the future.

The Index is a ranking of 119 cities across Western Europe based on economic and demographic factors – including data on average commute time – as well as city connectivity and innovative capacity for growth. By combining this ranking with the market liquidity of each city, we can then accurately assess any given strategy risk requirement and effectively diversify and protect the portfolios of our investors – helping deliver rewarding returns that continue to grow.

“Our local experts, such as our fund and asset managers, use the Index to fully understand the cities in which they live and work. It helps them understand the strengths of each city, appreciate how it may develop, and plan strategies that will optimise returns for our clients.”

Learn more about the cities we believe can deliver the most rewarding long-term returns for our investors.

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“Rankings are critical for investors wanting to identify which cities are the most attractive and those that are most liquid so they can develop a diversified portfolio. That’s why PATRIZIA has developed a European Living City Index that examines 119 capitals and larger cities. Assessed on four critical subsections, the European Living City Index enables residential investors to understand the drivers that render a city attractive in the long term, and tailor their investment strategy accordingly.”

Discover Europe's most liveable cities

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