A home for Rocky – better returns for you

From office dogs to on-site coffee shops and table tennis tables to sleep pods, the ongoing migration of people from the countryside into cities is changing the way modern businesses approach their office space. With €14.4 billion in office investments already made, PATRIZIA can help investors generate high returns from this growing European-wide trend.

Even in countries where the population is edging downwards, urban areas are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. They hold the promise of jobs, amenities for families and good fortune. And as people move (bringing with them office dogs like Rocky), our experts spot trends and changes as they happen.

PATRIZIA has been investing in the pan-European sector for over 36 years. With 200-plus experts on the ground in the major European real estate markets, we combine this local know-how with our leading, innovative research to consistently uncover the best and most value-creating investments on behalf of our clients in key cities across Europe.

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And don’t overlook the residential opportunities.

Are you an institutional investor seeking opportunities in the residential real estate market? The same dynamics affecting office space is driving growth in residential and you can capitalise on this.

The on-the-ground experts from PATRIZA have an unparalleled understanding of the sector and  can deliver unmatched insights backed by Big Data analytics.

European Residential Markets 2019 / 2020

PATRIZIA has released it's latest 'INSIGHT Residential Report 2019-20'. For more information download the report.


Big Data Residential Real Estate: How to analyse opportunities 

PATRIZIA applies innovative approaches using Big Data to identify investment opportunities. This short animation gives you an overview of the key facts.