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PATRIZIA Emergency Fund

In response to the current crisis, we have created an emergency fund to enable our children’s centres worldwide to continue their work.

In 2020, PATRIZIA has already supported the PATRIZIA Foundation (PCF) with more than €1.3 million. Together with the CORONA FUND EDUCATION HEALTHCARE, the PCF will ensure onsite infrastructure is maintained. The PCF is helping the centres stay viable and keep the children engaged with their education while social distancing measures are in place.

Although the CORONA FUND EDUCATION HEALTHCARE is currently responding to urgent short term need only – for example, with centres closed many children are missing their main meal of the day – it also has specific longer-term possibilities.

These include improving hygiene to minimise the impact of future epidemics, as well as promoting increased e-learning through equipment and infrastructure.

Read more about our emergency fund, including how to donate.

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Emergency Fund to help during the crisis



Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in East Africa but, with 12 million inhabitants, one of the most densely populated. Almost 40% of the population still lives below the official poverty line. The economic consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic have fallen heavily on the poorest, particularly the young.

Theophilé Rutabana, the school manager of the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center in Ntarama, is using his organisational experience to coordinate fund-raising efforts so townspeople support their struggling neighbours to the best of their abilities.

The Corona Fund Education Healthcare of the PATRIZIA Foundation is helping to support the training center and our other locations worldwide. Please help us in our efforts.

Access to education is key in this worldwide crisis