At PATRIZIA we believe performance is driven by innovative minds. We aim always to be ahead and to deliver a positive impact. This is the foundation of our operational excellence in which our stakeholders trust.

Our beliefs

Key to our investment approach is a philosophy of offering access to local teams of experts. These are experienced professionals who not only understand the specifics of their markets but are also intimately familiar with the full range of client requirements around the world.

As leading partner for global real assets, we offer investors a broad variety of attractive investment opportunities underpinned by over 39 years of experience and rock-solid, up-to-the-minute research.

Our market convictions are informed by big data analytics fuelled by machine-learning algorithms. We are an active investor in property & financial start-ups whose technology further strengthens our operating capabilities.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are embedded throughout our investment process. As a listed company PATRIZIA adheres to highest ethical & governance standards.

Our culture, ownership structure & capital base enables us to grow into new business areas, to recognise and embrace trends in the markets; e.g. technology & innovation in property.

A leading partner for global real assets

PATRIZIA - A leading partner for global real assets

As a 100% independent investment manager with a strong focus on real assets, we offer a powerful and unique blend of expertise that is as broad as it is deep. As well as understanding and answering the specialist needs of institutional investors – many of whom have been returning to PATRIZIA as a provider and fiduciary for over three decades.

PATRIZIA Research & Data Intelligence

We create value by delivering world-class service – for our investors, but also for our employees. To foster the best possible service mentality, we will continue to focus on the technologies that empower us to provide best-in-class services. At PATRIZIA we believe successful real estate investment demands a mix between experience and data intelligence.

Research & Data Intelligence

PATRIZIA Sustainability Strategy

PATRIZIA Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is ingrained in our business. We champion sustainability from the top down, led by the ESG Committee. We have defined ESG targets and fully embedded them throughout our operations. More than 40 professionals from across PATRIZIA are part of our ESG initiative, and they will ensure that we continue to implement sustainability in all aspects of our business.

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