Real Insights Editor’s Picks #3: It isn’t easy going green

16 / 11 / 23 - 0 minute read

How do we grapple with decarbonising the built environment? And how does Finland’s strong emphasis on early childhood education and care enable the country to outperform its peers when it comes to OECD measurement?

Answers to these two very different questions are answered in the latest episode of PATRIZIA Real Insights Editor’s Picks - a podcast bringing you articles from PATRIZIA's estatements magazine, which is a twice-yearly thought leadership publication shining a light on key topics within the real assets sector.

The second edition of estatements was published last month and here, we read aloud two of its articles - the first (It isn’t easy going green (01:08)) explores the benefits and complexities of turning brown assets green within real estate portfolios, whilst the second (Supporting smart early education infrastructure in the Nordics (12:32)) dives into the education system in Finland and how Kinland - a social infrastructure company owned and built by PATRIZIA - is supporting the demand for high-quality early education and care in the country.

Your host is Andrew Belt. Articles read by Ollie Guillou. With quotes read by Adrien D’Angour.


Andrew Belt

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