Small Modular Reactors: What role can they play in the energy transition?

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Small modular reactors provide synchronous baseload supply in an energy grid increasingly dependent on intermittent renewables. Unlike traditional reactors, they are scalable and portable, and are expected to have significantly lower capital costs. But deployment is in the early stages, and risks, including public perception, remain.


The role that nuclear energy plays in the world’s current and future energy mix has been a divisive topic for debate for decades. It is the second largest source of low carbon electricity globally and accounts for a third of the globe’s low carbon energy supply. Nuclear reactors play an important role in stabilising electricity grids (which is increasingly important in a world more reliant on renewables) as they can provide synchronous baseload supply.  But there have long been environmental and safety concerns related to nuclear energy that cannot be ignored.


Nicole McMillan

Justin Webb


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