Talent on tap: a wise investment or a drain on resources?

25 / 05 / 22 - 0 minute read

As a certain Sir Richard Branson once told us: “A company’s employees are its greatest asset.” It’s become an overused cliché in business for a reason. Yet, when all investment decisions are under review, the investment in people development endures the same rigorous assessment – if not more.

In a 2020 survey, Deloitte found that the COVID pandemic increased the likelihood of companies undertaking cost reduction initiatives by 74% on pre-pandemic levels, underlining the corporate world’s cost-containment reflex when the going gets tough.

Investing in talent development is easily overlooked during times of such crises but as businesses emerge from the pandemic and position their long-term strategies for a strong post-pandemic recovery, talent must remain a top priority.


Teresa Kotlicka

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