Sustainable infrastructure in APAC offers potential for attractive financial returns

03 / 01 / 23 - 0 minute read

Megatrends, such as decarbonisation, digitalisation and demographic changes, are transforming the world of APAC infrastructure, adding more complexity while attracting specialist investors, writes Saji Anantakrishnan, PATRIZIA Head of Infrastructure - Australia and Asia.

Traditionally, infrastructure has appealed to long-term investors due to its relatively stable cashflows. However, governments, investors and other stakeholders now face uncertainty as the industry strives to secure funding to build, renovate or replace infrastructure in order to hit net-zero carbon targets.   

Hitting these targets, of course, won’t be easy. But every challenge presents an opportunity for change. Climate action can provide the necessary progress towards the low-carbon economy that the world so urgently needs, while also offering opportunities to generate attractive financial returns.


Saji Anantakrishnan