PAT Cast #18: Solar investment in real estate: Solarfication of logistics assets to add value to unused rooftops

26 / 10 / 23 - 1 minute read

Solar is leading the charge in the transition away from fossil fuels and towards greater use of renewable and cleaner energy sources. And one way it can be adopted at scale in real estate is by installing solar panels on unused roof space, which generates clean energy without the need for new infrastructure.

In episode 18 of the PAT Cast - the first of a two-parter on solar investment - we hear how PATRIZIA is utilising solarfication on its logistics assets to create renewable energy, with reference to its large Maasvlakte development on the port of Rotterdam, where solar panels have been added across much of the asset’s 210,000 square metres of available roof space. We learn how solarfication is a win-win for both landlords and tenants alike. And we explore why the use of solar panels is continuing to grow in popularity and how solar developers like Sunrock are exploring how this energy can be used to better serve end users.

Your host is Andrew Belt and on the panel we have:

  • Tim Schotte, Associate Director - Asset Management at PATRIZIA
  • Merel Osinga, Director - Business Development & Marketing at Sunrock.



Tim Schotte

Merel Osinga