PAT Cast #16: Bioenergy: A bridge to a green energy future

18 / 09 / 23 - 1 minute read

As we race to decarbonise the planet, finding alternative energy sources is critical. Green hydrogen might be the fuel of the future, but bioenergy is the fuel of today - and the case to invest has never been stronger.

In this episode, we highlight the extraordinary work being done by Italian bioenergy producer, Biomet, and ask: what is bioenergy? How will it help us decarbonise? And what opportunities does it present to infrastructure investors? We explore the reality of producing and using bioenergy in Europe, which industries are best suited to its adoption, and learn of the remarkable journey which led Antonio Barani to conceptualise and found Biomet, which is now under majority ownership by PATRIZIA Infrastructure.

Your host is Andrew Belt and on the panel we have: 

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Oliver Hailzl

Antonio Barani