PAT Cast #14: Bridging the digital divide: why mid-market is driving the most value in a digital world

01 / 06 / 23 - 1 minute read

With world-wide spending on the Internet of Things expected to reach 1.1 trillion dollars this year, governments alone cannot pick up the bill to digitalise our economies.

But in a crowded market witnessing rapid innovation, which companies are delivering the most value and where should investors be allocating capital? In episode #14 of the PAT Cast, we highlight the work of Connexin, a portfolio company of PATRIZIA and key mid-market player whose mission is to “connect the real world to the digital world to improve lives”.

We find out why smaller, more nimble companies are crucial when it comes to reacting to a fast-evolving digital market. And we learn about the opportunities for wider smart solutions opened up by digital infrastructure.

Your host is Ed Whittaker and on the panel we have:

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Phoebe Smith

Furqan Alamgir