From Sci-Fi to Wi-Fi: The rise and benefits of digital infrastructure investment

23 / 10 / 23 - 0 minute read

The escalating demand for robust digital infrastructure, underscored by the recent pandemic, has transformed it from a niche investment to a mainstream asset class. PATRIZIA strategies, including investments in smart city and broadband projects, highlight the sector's booming potential and the crucial role of skilled asset management.

In a 1964 BBC interview, famed science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke envisioned a world 50 years in the future where everything was interconnected – a world where a person could function remotely from Tahiti or Bali as efficiently as from London. Fast forward to 2020; the global shift to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how uncanny Clarke’s prediction was.


Justin Webb

Nicole McMillan

Harrison Papworth