PATRIZIA in Europe

Local presence and market expertise

Local presence, market expertise and tailor-made investments – we guarantee the optimal selection in the French and Belgian markets from among the extensive offerings included in PATRIZIA’s service portfolio.

We cover the entire bandwidth of investments (asset classes, risk-return profiles) and of management services for investors, including acquisitions, financing, development, asset management, fund management and portfolio management.

„PATRIZIA has established a strong presence in France which enables its customers to leverage the full potential of the market.”
Etienne Marcot

Diverse portfolios

PATRIZIA France holds diverse portfolio and asset management contracts.

Current transactions: PATRIZIA France acquires office building of high environmental qualities (certified BREEAM in use “very good”) in Brussels. 

PATRIZIA France has acquired a residential portfolio with almost 1,000 apartments in France. The portfolio comprises 23 residential buildings and a student hall of residence.

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Etienne Marcot
Head of France & Belgium

Phone: +33 1 70981157